7 Workflow

The flow for the Event Management System is given below:

Step 1

Log in as the registered user into the application.

login screen
Figure 7.1 Login
Step 2

If you're the new user register using signup screen to continue in the application.

login screen
Figure 7.2 Signup
Step 3

Create project for creating tasks and Catagories.

login screen
Figure 7.3 Create Project
Step 4

Create Catagories for creating action items based on Catagories.

login screen
Figure 7.4 Create Catagories
Step 5

Create action items based on Catagories or Projects.

login screen
Figure 7.5 Create Action items
Step 6

If you want to add users then share the project with other users.

login screen
Figure 7.6 Share project with users
Step 7

You can send us any queries or comments about our application by clicking support button in drawer.

login screen
Figure 7.7 Sending comments